About Us

Who We Are

WE are a multiracial community of changemakers working to be better ancestors.

We are community builders–community leaders and health leaders, urban planners and farmers, social change leaders and business leaders, policymakers and economic development professionals, youth and elders.

Together, we are building the social and vital conditions we all need to thrive on a foundation of racial and economic justice.

Mission, Vision & Values


Advance intergenerational well-being and equity on a foundation of racial and economic justice.


A world of mutual abundance freed from systemic injustice.


Servant leadership, generosity, equity, courage, integrity.

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How WE Approach

Well-being & Equity

WE need to change our minds and hearts, our relationships and our systems.

every member of society

has a piece of the puzzle to create well-being for themselves and others.

for some people & places

this potential is untapped or trapped by systems of exclusion that lead to a loss for us all.

to be successful

we must discover the right path together.

we must transform

ourselves, our relationships and our systems, in order to unleash our collective potential.

WE WIN Together

Action Framework

Transforming from within

(our mindsets and spirit)

Transforming together

(our relationships and power dynamic)

Transforming our outcomes

(what we measure and value and who gets to decide)

Transforming for equity together

(in the vital conditions)

Transforming our systems

(narratives, policies and investments)
Adapted from 100 Million Healthier Lives Community of Solutions Model

What WE Do

Well-being & Equity


Shift How We Think and Act

We change ourselves to change the world. We reflect, tell stories, and build new ways for changemakers across sectors to advance health and well-being, equity, and racial justice. We create practical tools to translate our will for change into real impact.

Make It real

Show Real Change is Possible

We work alongside change leaders to transform complex systems. From Illinois to Guyana, we are achieving meaningful and lasting change in well-being and equity.


Build Relationships and Networks

We build networks capable of changing the system. We bring together policymakers, stewards across sectors, and community residents to create change together.



We are growing thousands of well-being and equity architects. We support them with the tools, funding and community they need to power their ideas to change the world.

What People Are Saying ABOUT US

“[WE in the World] is very big on centering community voice – folks with lived experience…. They do an amazing job centering communities doing their own work, who would appreciate more capacity in doing that work. 

“[At WE in the World] diversity isn’t just a label but it’s actually a practice, it’s honored.”

“A disruptive partner working daily with us to bridge those systems that have been disconnected through inequity and also to insert reparative practices.”

“An organization that challenges a corrupt system and makes them heed the wrong, whether it’s an inside job or whether it’s with race.”

“We were grantees, but we were designers and we actually got to shape a movement….Nobody’s mentoring one person or another. We’re all learning and we’re all transforming, and it takes all of us.

They recognize that… All of us have lived experience in some way, shape or form…. And they create space and they work towards us being better as a team, as a whole, as a network so that we can be better in the work that we do.

“It’s not accidental that people feel invited here – there’s craft or energy paid to creating space that people feel welcomed.

“Compassion and caring and it’s not about [WE in the World] – it’s about trust and relationship and partnership with communities.

Together WE Are

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Our Impact

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