WE take the guesswork out of investing in real and equitable change.

Are you interested in becoming a funder or implementation partner? WE in the World is a not-for-profit that can help you find and invest in effective, community-based change-makers around the world.

$27 million raised and distributed to community changemakers in 2022

Why Invest Together

WE trust those closest to the problems to create the solutions

Those who are closest to the problems are often the most creative and effective in finding the solutions but don’t have access to resources to power these solutions. We choose to trust and prioritize their leadership and walk alongside them to achieve impact.

WE identify and Invest in effective change efforts

Through our global network, we identify communities creating breakthrough solutions and invest in helping them scale their solutions.

WE help communities measure and evaluate change

We support communities to assess their change efforts in a way that fits what they are trying to do and helps them know when they need to change their approach. We put the power of data back in the hands of communities.

WE invest in sustainable and equitable change efforts

Real transformation is complex. Rather than funding a program, we invest in complex system change. We unleash the creativity and assets of communities experiencing inequities as they become communities of solutions.



International Partner Angels of Impact

Angels of Impact is an international implementation partner of Well-being and Equity (WE) in the World.

Supporting Women of Color and Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs Angels of Impact is a social venture that fills the funding gap for women-led and indigenous-led, community-based enterprises tackling poverty. Our mission is to create a world without poverty in unity with women and indigenous communities. Since our founding in 2016, we have channeled more than one million USD in technical assistance and direct capital to 30 enterprises, further enabling them to impact 64,000 people across 12 countries in Asia Pacific.

We offer an alternative to traditional philanthropy through a sustainable impact fund for economic empowerment.

Maximize the value of your dollar.

Angels of Impact is an international implementation partner of Well-being and Equity (WE) in the World.

Needed: $195,000 to sustain this system every year
Raised to date: $75,000

Data for Equity

WE believe every community should have the data they need to create change–to identify strengths and needs, to collect data that matters to them, and to have access to collective data infrastructure to drive well-being and equity.

How well are migrant farm workers doing in terms of their physical and mental health in the context of the pandemic? What is your community’s level of belonging and trust? What are measures of racial justice and intergenerational well-being that we want to hold ourselves accountable to?

These are just a few of the questions that a collective of organizations investing through WE in the World as the WIN Data Cooperative is making possible for thousands of communities around the nation. Join us!

A Restorative and Equitable Well-being Economy

WE in the world is advancing models to create a just and restorative well-being economy.  Through the WIN Equitable Economies cooperative, WE in the World led the development of a policy library of 135+ policies sourced with communities experiencing poverty to create the conditions for a just and restorative well-being economy. Help communities use these models and tools to create a more restorative economy in their local areas in 2023.

Needed: $500,000