Organizing Across Differences

Jan 6, 2023 | Blog

Our ability to organize across differences is a unique superpower in which we exercise curiosity and share values, goals, and purpose. These superpowers consist of the ability to engage and foster relationships with a mindset and narrative change focused on collaboration and areas of synergy. Rather than allow our differences to be at the epicenter of our discussion, the goal is to amplify what we have in common through the development of open dialogue.

On today’s anniversary of an attempted insurrection, led by self-proclaimed white extremists with a narrow view of America, resulted in the deepened erasure of our racial differences. This moment resurfaced the many realities of America’s troubled racial history and we must now attempt to rededicate ourselves to never let hate and division prevail.

Like a metal alloy, which becomes stronger when different kinds of metals mix, our society grows stronger when we consciously connect across the lines of color, class, gender, age, party, and other distinctions that too often divide us. Our infinite human diversity makes each of us unique and it also gives us extraordinary power to navigate challenges in our common quest to thrive together.

Take a moment to reflect on your reactions from January 6, consider the thoughts, assumptions, realities, and questions that crossed your mind. Now think about your neighbor, colleague, family member/friend, a total stranger. Can you cultivate the curiosity to discover what the experience was like for them? While we may have vastly different views of the world, we are still able to come together in a united effort to reject inhumanity and injustice as prerequisites for thriving together.

As we enter the new year, we hope this Digest equips each of us to become even better at organizing across our differences. We invite you to explore and learn what organizing across differences means to you through the impactful stories featured. We’d like to leave you with the reminder that the beauty of our differences is the source of immense strength, not reasons to destroy each other.

by Tiona Moore, The Ripple Foundation

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