Our Impact

Frameworks Nationally Adopted

$ Raised For Communities

Reached to Create Intergenerational Well-being

Jobs created in communities of color

People connected to Well-being

Demonstrations showing policy change in 3 years

Real Change Is Possible

Real Change In Progress

ARISE Initiative
ARISE (Activating Relationships in Illinois for Systemic Equity) is an opportunity for motivated urban and rural communities outside of Cook County that have experienced historic a...
Rhode to Equity
Rhode to Equity builds clinical-community linkages to advance health equity using the Pathways to Population Health Equity guide to organize efforts. These geographic health equit...
Data For Well-being and Equity
WE believe every community should have the data they need to create change–to identify strengths and needs, to collect data that matters to them, and to have access to collective...

Why We Need Real Change

We live in a world where two children born in the same hospital growing up just two miles apart can have a 25 year gap in their life expectancy.  Where 40% of children are born into poverty in the wealthiest country in the world.

Racial, gender and economic inequities harm us all.