The BEACON assessment to be used in multi-sector collaboration by communities to measure the collective impact for social justice, community engagement and community organizing.  The website provides the context around what the BEACON considers, how to deploy it in your organization, and what action steps to take when you have your results.

by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, National Alliance to impact the Social Determinants of Health, National Partnership for Women & Families
by Princeton Gerrymandering Project

The Gerrymandering Project does nonpartisan analysis to understand and eliminate partisan gerrymandering at a state-by-state level. The interdisciplinary team aims to give activists and legislators the tools they need to detect offenses and craft bulletproof, bipartisan reform. The work is used by legislators and reformers of all communities, without regard to partisan affiliation.

by Well Being Trust, Thriving Together Springboard

This guiding framework organizes all things that people and places need to thrive. It is a work in progress, meant to evolve through ongoing discussion and debate.

by University of Michigan School of Public Health
A new initiative at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. HSHE understands that inequities in access to decent, safe, affordable, and healthy housing persist in Michigan and across the United States. HSHE's research and actions confront this issue head-on by locating strategies to improve housing opportunities with a resulting improvement in health equity.
by PolicyLink
A collection of national reports on race as well as regional reports with local leaders to analyze tailored workforce data, identify the key drivers of inequity, and prioritize actionable strategies to advance equity through their policy efforts, programs, and investments.

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Data For Power

Police Violence Report

A shocking number of people in the US are killed by police violence. Campaign Zero has provided a database which WE in the World has presented as an interactive visualization.