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WE WIN Together Week Returns: Being Better Ancestors in Turbulent Times Multigenerational Grassroots to Grasstops Leaders Advance a Thriving and Just Nation St. Louis, MO, February 12, 2024–Three leading networks, WIN Network, Communities RISE Together, and Well-being and Equity in the World, are thrilled to announce WE WIN Together Week 2024: Being Better Ancestors in Turbulent Times. The annual gathering will unite changemakers from the grassroots to the grasstops during a week-long...

by Lucy Burns Institute/Ballotpedia
This site offers a preview of local ballots along with opportunities for candidates to publish positions.
by National Civic League
AllSides, National Institute for Civil Discourse, Listen First, Braver Angels, Living Room Conversations, Media Done Responsibly, Bridge Alliance, Cortico, Essential Partners, One America Movement, Resetting the Table, YOUNIFY—more than 100 bridging organizations—are creating an ecosystem of connection.
by Center for American Progress
For the nation’s democracy to function properly and for government to provide fair representation, all eligible Americans must have the opportunity to vote—and be encouraged to do so. Our collective self-rule is established and fostered through free, fair, accessible, and secure elections through which the voice of every eligible American is heard.
by The Aspen Institute
We believe relationships can transform our lives and our communities… and ultimately mend our deeply divided nation. We work in our neighborhoods and towns to create connections and lead with love. The Weave Project connects and supports us.

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Data For Power

Police Violence Report

A shocking number of people in the US are killed by police violence. Campaign Zero has provided a database which WE in the World has presented as an interactive visualization.

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