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by Neurodiversity Hub
With sections for primary, secondary, and college students as well as teachers and employers and job-seekers, this resource list provides pointers for neurodiverse individuals and allies at every life stage.
by Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University
Dramatic improvements for all children are not only achievable but also necessary for a thriving and sustainable society. Like any healthy field, ours needs an investment in R&D to move beyond the best of what we know now—to apply cutting-edge science and an innovation mindset to the urgent task of creating the better best practices of tomorrow.
by Adrianna Kezar, Pullias Center for Higher Education in the USC Rossier School of Education
The diverse student success infrastructure is by design intentional—leveraging nine distinct but necessarily interrelated functions and features of institutional operations. Some reflect campus units, like human resources and finance, while others represent administrative approaches, like governance and incentive structures. Together they comprise the toolbox for intentional leadership on supporting diverse students (as well as diverse faculty and staff).
by Stephanie Shafer for Education Week
In this final article of an 8-part series "How We Go Back to School", Education Week talked to dozens of educators and parents and combed through documents focused on how to infuse equity into learning plans.
by Learning Policy Institute
This report, a follow-up to the Learning Policy Institute's 2017 report Advancing Educational Equity for Underserved Youth, describes which states have used their ESSA plans to focus on measuring and advancing the following goals: reduce student suspension rates, build a positive school climate, reduce chronic absenteeism rates, implement an extended-year graduation rate, and expand access to a college- and career-ready curriculum.

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Police Violence Report

A shocking number of people in the US are killed by police violence. Campaign Zero has provided a database which WE in the World has presented as an interactive visualization.

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