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WE WIN Together Week Returns: Being Better Ancestors in Turbulent Times Multigenerational Grassroots to Grasstops Leaders Advance a Thriving and Just Nation St. Louis, MO, February 12, 2024–Three leading networks, WIN Network, Communities RISE Together, and Well-being and Equity in the World, are thrilled to announce WE WIN Together Week 2024: Being Better Ancestors in Turbulent Times. The annual gathering will unite changemakers from the grassroots to the grasstops during a week-long...

The Environmental and Climate Justice Program was established in 2009 to better support community leaders organizing at the intersection of environmental issues and civil rights. Ensuring that communities are in the driver’s seat and centralizing self-determination as a core value is critical to the success of the NAACP as a change agent. This collection of case briefs profiles five NAACP units whose achievements in environmental and climate justice advocacy can be credited in large part due t...
by Prevention Institute
This paper proposes an approach to addressing park and green space inequities that prioritizes building power among people closest to the problem so that they can drive policy and systems change solutions.
by United States Department of Transportation
Many of the strategies that transportation agencies can take to increase active transportation, improve safety, improve air quality, and improve connectivity can improve equity if they are targeted in low-income and minority communities. 
The Just Energy Policies and Practices Action Toolkit contains practical, user-friendly guidance on how you can phase out toxic energy - like coal, nuclear, and oil facilities - and bring in clean energy - like wind and solar. Start planning energy justice plans to best fit the needs in your community.
(Re)Building Downtown: A Guidebook for Revitalization is a resource for local elected officials who want to re-invigorate and strengthen neighborhood centers of economy, culture, and history through a smart growth approach to development. Through public engagement, strategic planning, public commitment, and ongoing support, you can create a place that unites your community, attracts visitors, and supports businesses for years to come.

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Police Violence Report

A shocking number of people in the US are killed by police violence. Campaign Zero has provided a database which WE in the World has presented as an interactive visualization.

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