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Areas of Specialty

Systems transformation, health equity, prevention, health policy and strategy, population health

What matters to you?

Communities and community members getting the resources they need when they actually need it with as little friction as possible to improve well-being.

What are some wise words to live by?

"Help me, help you." - Jerry Maguire

What brings you joy?

My family together in the same room enjoying each other.

Elizabeth Romero

Director, Measurement and Improvement

Elizabeth Romero, MBA,MS, is a public health professional with over twenty years of experience in building and leading systems change initiatives to improve health across the life span where children and adults live, work, pray, and play. She has a specific passion for addressing health equity, social determinants, and health outcomes for those at most risk. She has served as Director of the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health for the state of Delaware, where she oversaw and managed Delaware’s state hospital and behavioral health agency. Romero implemented a statewide health informatics strategy for behavioral health to address value-based care, connectivity and collaboration, referral management, and analytics. She also led the creation of a multi-agency youth in transition initiative for high-risk youth, improved behavioral health services for those leaving the prisons to rejoin their communities, led the development of pre-arrest diversion with law enforcement. She also served as the Senior Director for Health Improvement with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. During that time, Romero’s duties there and accomplishments included oversight of behavioral health, injury, and substance abuse and chronic disease health teams with a focus on building systems of care to improve population and community health outcomes. She also provided capacity-building assistance to more than 49 state and territorial health departments and national partners to support policies and evidence-based practices for substance abuse prevention. Romero also previously worked for Nemours Health and Prevention Services in Newark, DE, the National Association for State Boards of Education, AED/FHI 360, and the Harvard Prevention Research Center at the Harvard School of Public Health. She she holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Boston University, a Master’s of Science from the University of Oregon, and MBA from the University of Delaware.

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