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Hanna Sherman

Board Member

Hanna Sherman, MD is committed to the valuing and support of human dignity and the rightful place of each individual to contribute meaningfully in their own way to society. In recent roles, she has served as the Health and Health Care program director of the Center for Courage & Renewal and as co-chair of the leadership team of 100 Million Healthier Lives. She has been a facilitator and leader with the Center for Courage & Renewal, an organization dedicated to creating a more just, compassionate, and healthy society, since 2003. Hanna works with leaders, organizations, and communities to develop practices and trustworthy environments for integrity, wholeness, positive change, and relational health.

Hanna is a pediatrician by training. From 2008-2016, she co-led Courage to Lead®, a leadership development retreat series for leaders in health and health care. Her former consulting group, Relationship Centered Health Care, was a forerunner of promoting relationship-centered leadership and care in health systems. In 2010 Hanna co-founded Partners for ACCESS, a nonprofit supporting a medical clinic, nursing school, and community development in rural Uganda.

Hanna is partnered with Daniel Sheff, MD, with whom she has founded a spiritual community in the Boston area. They are graced with three daughters, two sons-in-law and one granddaughter. Hanna enjoys being with family and community, in the beauty of nature, and learning about diverse cultures and wisdom traditions.

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