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Areas of Specialty

Marketing and Operations.

What matters to you?

Kindness, Attention to details.

What are some wise words to live by?

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds ALSO In all things nature, there is something of the marvelous.

What brings you joy?

My joy is found in Peace.

Marvin Miller

Project Manager

Marvin Miller, an accomplished marketing professional with expertise in traditional and digital marketing campaigns, brings over a decade of successful experience in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. His commitment to promoting equality in education, LGBTQ+ rights, and homelessness prevention is deeply rooted in his educational background. Marvin earned his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, specializing in Industrial and Labor Relations, which built an educational foundation on worker’s rights. Additionally, he holds an MBA from Mills College, Graduate School of Business, with a focus on Marketing and Operations.

Marvin’s commitment to advancing educational equality led him to a grant-supported role with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In this capacity, he facilitated the exchange of best practices among traditionally isolated charter schools, ultimately raising educational standards and fostering success.

Passionate about reducing homelessness, Marvin has been actively involved with an organization that ensures conditionally approved rental applicants have access to housing, contributing to the noble cause of addressing homelessness.

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Marvin now resides in Long Beach, CA, where he enjoys outdoor activities and with Ranger, his loyal canine companion.

In his role as Project Manager at WE in the World, Marvin is dedicated to advancing the organization’s mission of creating a more just and abundant planet through his extensive expertise in marketing and his passion for positive social change.

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