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Areas of Specialty

As an interdisciplinary scholar, Dr. Mitsdarffer uses a mix of applied quantitative, qualitative and archival methods in her work. Her research focuses on the intersection of policy, children's social determinants of health, and life course development.

What matters to you?

I think everyone should have access to and the ability to have good care. I believe that health is a sum of many parts of our lives and to understand our health most fully we need to understand how we receive and are recited in the world. So for me, I really care about learning about what drives disparities and how we might be able to overcome them so everyone can have a just, healthy life.

What are some wise words to live by?

"As it begins it will follow"- is something my family says a lot. So I try to always enter spaces with a lot of intentionality, care, and good vibes.

What brings you joy?

My little family aka my husband and our animals. I also love to tend to my flower garden in the summer and spend time with my nieces and nephews.

Mary L Mitsdarffer

Data for Equity Team

Dr. Mary Mitsdarffer holds a Ph.D. in Childhood Studies from Rutgers University and an MPH from St. Joseph’s University (formerly University of the Sciences). She is a former community health practitioner and a current assistant professor with over 10 years of applied research experience. Her research interests include children’s health and U.S. policy, life-course development, health equity, and program planning and evaluation.

Dr. Mitsdarffer is trained in qualitative, quantitative, and archival methods with a special interest in complex measurement and data.  As a native of a Mexican-American community on Chicago’s southwest side, Dr. Mitsdarffer is committed to addressing place-based health disparities and inequities in her work to benefit communities like her own.

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